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Access The Equity – When the Bank Says No – Home Owners Get Approved!

Welcome to PrivateMoneylender.ca one of the nation’s leading private money lenders. We have been assisting homeowners with their financing needs for more than 7 years. Our dedicated team of professionals has access to a large network of funding sources to get the requested financing in place very quickly. Unlike the banks, our application process is simple and the approval takes as little as a few business days. Our hard money loans are secured by your home equity hence you can expect equity-based loan approval on every deal. Out team always works with our customers to create the best and customizable solutions for their needs.

Our main purpose as a Private Money Lender is to help drive customers toward their financial success. Our mission is to provide our customers with the fastest and easiest access to private money loans and hard money loans in the industry.

Private Money Lender is Canada’s best equity loans and debt consolidation lender professionals. As hard money lenders we specialize in:

✔First mortgages
✔Second mortgages
✔2nd mortgages
✔Private lender
✔Private mortgage
✔Debt Consolidation
✔Hard Money
✔ Private Money lending
✔Equity loans
✔Hard money loans for real estate investors
✔ Bad credit lending
✔ Home renovation loans
✔Temporary needs loans
✔Tax Debt loans
✔ Commercial Mortgage
✔New Immigration to Canada
✔ Expanding a business loan
✔ College loans/ Education loans
✔ Tax debt loans
✔Newcomer to cCanadaloans
✔ Vacation Loans
✔ Commercial mortgage

The fastest, easiest and best debt consolidation money can be accessed at privatemoneylender.ca regardless of income or credit history.

If you don’t have time to call now then simply complete the short form on this page and we will give you call back within a few hours.